Plagiarizing is Dangerous


It is easy to copy other’s writings and make it your own. But it is detrimental for a content writer’s career. Sometimes you may even plagiarise without actually knowing it. If you get in the habit of copying then you are doomed. Never get in the habit of plagiarizing. I will tell you why it is dangerous.

  • Can lead to legal trouble – There has been many cases of writers being pulled out and made to pay for plagiarizing. Believe me the threat is real. If you plagiarise and get caught you can land in jail and it is never nice to be legally entangled whichever country you are in.
  • Negates the value of your work – You might be an original writer but one instance of plagiarizing and you lose all the credit you have built so carefully over the years. So desist from plagiarizing.
  • Can lead to financial loss – Plagiarized content is banned all around the globe and can lead to you losing money. So be careful.
  • Google punishes websites with plagiarized content – Yes even Google the most sought after search engine punishes plagiarism heavily. The rank you have built painstakingly can go poof in a moment.
  • Brings disgrace – Plagiarism if proved can lead to loss of face and disgrace.

You will invariably need to cite other’s work while writing but be careful and give them full credit. Being careful while using others’ work can go a long way to avoid the dangers of plagiarism. In the next post I will discuss the ways to avoid plagiarism.


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