Reasons for vanishing of writing skills


In the present scenario, the world is becoming dependent on Google. All projects are being done by searching online, answers are all available. So the habit of reading has vanished. I do not blame google for any of what is happening. It is more of a culture. The result is good writers who can really write are really disappearing. The onus is on not reading enough. This has resulted in creativity in writing really vanishing. Even in fiction we have similar stories and that is really appalling. The main reasons however is not google.

Less reading means vocabulary is lacking in the current generation, and that leads to worse writing. Even the drafting of letters is becoming a lost art. With emails and particularly messaging coming in the imagination behind letters is gone. So this is the problem. How to overcome it? Well the reading revolution has already started. The realization is in and Kindle has done a lot to the reading habit coming back. Now you can carry thousands of books and not be overburdened by weight. So this is the best gadget for instilling reading. I am not only complaining but doing my bit too. I have started a reading club and encourage people to read. After all there is no substitute to it.


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