Web content writing Tips For Beginners

Web content writing lets you work anywhere

Web content writing means providing text for websites in the form of news articles, opinion pieces or informative texts. Website owners may not have the time or skills to create informative, entertaining and well-written content and so will pay someone else to do so. You can write directly for websites or through an agency. Freelance web content writing allows you to earn a living while giving you freedom in terms of the hours you work and where you live. Here are some web content writing tips if you are beginning:

1. Attention to detail. You are being paid to write well. Needless to say, spelling and grammar mistakes are not viewed well by clients.

2. Know your audience. What nationality is your content aimed at? What kind of language should be used and what degree of formality is required. All these considerations will affect how you write.

3. Discipline. Working from a computer and without a boss looking over your shoulder, it is easy to start surfing the net and get distracted. Do this too much and you won´t be able to generate a decent income as a content writer. Consider downloading the information you need and writing your articles offline to minimise temptation.

4. Understand SEO. Search engine optimisation (writing text that ranks highly in search results) is a key part of content writing. Sometimes you will be given instructions on what keywords to use, but the more you understand how the optimisation process works, the greater your value as a writer.

5. Enjoy your work. If you like writing and are curious about all sorts of topics you are well suited to this job. Enjoying what you do will not only make your life more pleasant, it will come across in your writing and increase your success.


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