Finally an answer to the question: What does a web content writer do?

With the rise of the internet, new occupations are surging. There are a plethora of new job titles available today that simply did not exist twenty years ago. It’s easy to get lost in the jungle of blog managers, social media strategists and professional vloggers. What does a web content writer do? The role of a web content creator may vary depending on factors such as employer’s preferences, demographic and experience. In broad strokes, if someone asks: “What does a web content writer do?” you can answer that they provide creative content for websites. The online content writer role is similar to that of a copywriter: a copywriter provides written material for advertising across various media, but the web content writer administers writing that is not solely used for marketing purposes. A person who writes web content typically works from home on a freelance basis rather than in an office, though both employment types exist and it’s up to the employer to set their preferred modus operandi. It helps if a content writer is interested in new trends and likes to keep up with current events, as those are topics that freelancers frequently get asked to cover. Other aspects of content writing include creating content with a new tone to help rebrand a site, writing site descriptions, ghostwriting blog entries, and producing accurate item descriptions for web shops. The profession of an online content writer is an ever-changing one, but it’s new and exciting, and it’s fun to generate web content that leads to conversion.


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