Why content is important for online market

Why Content is Important

Why content is important is a question that has been ignored by digital marketers for long a long time. Better late than never they have realised that Content is the most important marketing tool today. All the websites and portals are clamouring for space on the Google search page, and content can make it happen in many ways. Recent research found around four-fifth of all websites and portals having copied content. The reason is that website designers tend to give less importance to content. These are results in a lower ranking of the site on Google due to the new changes in the algorithm. The current algorithm gives utmost importance to original and non-copied content. So, just keeping the content original can be the first step to digital marketing. Also, good content can keep the reader interested and make him stay on the page which is vital for online sales. Interesting content has an impact on the customer that can lead to business, and the website can become a revenue generating site rather than just a showcase. There are more ways content can be used to market which includes social media posts, blogs and articles and press releases. This is why content is important on the digital scene.